Collecting art should be a fun and rewarding experience.  Today's art world, however, is complex, global, and fast-moving, making it hard for a non-professional to keep pace.  As an art advisor, my role is to help a collector navigate this world, to find works of art that bring joy to their homes and are smart investments as well.  

Advising Collectors:

New Collectors: Working with new collectors is a particular pleasure of mine.  I enjoy the process of figuring out the kind of art new collectors will like, that will be within their budget, and fit their lifestlye.  With my background as an art historian, I enjoy educating  my collectors with visits to museums and galleries to give them a solid background and vocabulary in the world of art even before a first purchase is made.   A lot of new collectors feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the art world,  but my goal is to provide my clients with just the opposite experience: for art collecting to be fun, exciting, and enjoyable.

Experienced Collectors:  Adding depth to an existing collection is an especially fun challenge for me as an art advisor.  From identifying which pieces would compliment the existing holdings, to tracking them down wherever in the world they happen to be hidden, working with a collector in this capacity is particularly rewarding.  In addition to acquiring new works, I can also help with deaccessioning certain pieces that no longer fit the collection, as well as identifying potential new directions for a collection to grow and develop. 

The Process:  

-Educate clients about various artists and the art market, taking them to museums and lectures, as well as galleries, auctions, and art fairs.

-Negotiate on behalf of clients in the purchase and sale of artworks, sourcing works from private collections, galleries, and artist's studios, and bidding for clients at auction.

-Coordinate all aspects of the purchasing process, including authenticity and provenance verification, condition inspection, and proper framing, installation, and lighting.

-Collection Management, including recommending insurance and financial tools to protect the artwork for both personal enjoyment and investment potential.



Curatorial: As director of two of New York City's most respected galleries (Craig Starr Gallery and Eykyn Maclean Gallery), I have curated numerous exhibitions of modern, postwar, and contemporary art.  I welcome the opportunity to guest-curate for galleries, museums, and educational institutions.    

Speaking: I am regularly asked to speak on the subject of art collecting and advising to groups of collectors, investors, and students.  I love sharing my experiences and knowledge with others, and would welcome any such invitations to do so.